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    정말 좋은 블로그, 난 내 즐겨 찾기에 추가하고 게시물을 따를 것이다!

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    어디에서이 물건에 대해 자세히 알아 찾을 수 있습니까?

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  4. Favicon of BlogIcon FarruxEvrey 2011.08.12 12:49 신고 edit & del reply

    It makes sense about not continuing with "business as usual" — I couldn't do it, either. But I can't see ghost writing as being satisfiying for someone with as strong a voice as yours. Being an evangelist for the likes of Apple or Adobe might be cool, but would that let you continue with the stream of consciousness riffs that have obviously been satifsying for you — and been so energizing for us, your readers? Don't know.

  5. Favicon of BlogIcon Abduvali 2011.08.05 20:52 신고 edit & del reply

    I’m not sure what you have against “The Five”. I mean, four of the five panel members are on the right. The only creep is Bob Beckel. I admit, his creepiness makes the show a bit harder to handle. But Greg Gutfeld makes up for it! I LOVE him!! Beckel will probably have a stroke or a heart attack on the show one day and they can just shove him off the stage and continue on.

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